BLVD. “Crowd Control”

As summer heats up and the festival season officially takes off, the music scene awaits those few breakout hits that will become the anthems of the season. For fans of the darker, grimier side of house music, look no further than newcomer BLVD.’s debut track “Crowd Control.”

Free Download “Crowd Control”

The mysterious artist delivers contrasting elements with dark, driving basslines and larger-than-life melodies, creating an electric atmosphere that he rules over with ironclad control.

BLVD.’s fan-first attitude toward music production is truly present in his music with tracks like “Crowd Control,” which will be a guaranteed dancefloor smash no matter where in the world it’s played.

Armed with his signature safety green clothing and a sound that fuses the grittiness and grandiosity of Hollywood Boulevard, BLVD. is setting out to create not just music, but to inspire a movement.