Raiden & Tom Tyger’s “C’est La Vibe” on Protocol

Raiden and Tom Tyger have teamed up for their new release “C’est La Vibe” on Protocol Recordings. Delivering rhythmic, bouncing basslines and groovy melodies, this is one track that is sure to get bodies moving.

Download “C’est La Vibe”

C’est La Vibe” is reminiscent of house music from the earlier 2000 years, when artists forged the driving progressive house sound that we know and love today. Raiden and Tom Tyger and both recognized for their dynamic, dancefloor-friendly productions, and “C’est La Vibe” merges their talents seamlessly into a timeless masterpiece that appeals to both longtime dance music aficionados and new fans.

The track is out now on Protocol RecordingsNicky Romero‘s ever-evolving imprint of cutting edge house music talent. 

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