32Stitches Releases New Single “Keeper of the Realm”

32Stitches has risen to success after a relatively short time in the industry, promoting part of the immense talent of Indian electronic music, across a variety of platforms internationally.

Born and raised in India, he has embraced electronic music culture, mastering a diverse range of styles and in turn, doesn’t confine himself to one particular genre.

To date, 32Stitches has seen releases on a number of prominent labels, including Universal Music, Sony & Artist Intelligence Agency, to name a few.

Also remixing Tom & Hills’ single ‘Lies’, 32Stitches continues to rise & ‘Keeper Of The Realm’ is a further testament to his continued motivation & drive to thrive in the industry. He also graces clubs globally & plays at a number of major events, most recently including the official after party at ADE in Amsterdam.

Download “Keeper of the Realm”

‘Keeper of the Realm’ teases with heavy hitting kicks & driving grooves, coupled with 32Stitches signature production elements & is available via all major digital platforms from 30th October 2017.