Will Sparks “Take Me” ft. Gloria Kim

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Will Sparks has already been making waves as a dance floor innovator in the electronic scene. With an endless supply of electro-house gems under his belt, this young producer has always been one step ahead of the game. Following huge success on his home turf, we see Will round off the summer with the hotly anticipated release Take Me, which is set to earn him the keys to the global dance floors.

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Will’s most recent single Young & Free with singer songwriter, actress and multi talent Priyanka Chopra hit #2 on the BP Big Room chart. This comes amongst a mountain of other successes such as his remix of Hello by Stafford Brothers that reached #1 on the electro-house Beatport charts, as-well as his own single reaching #3. All in a day’s work for the young fitness obsessed DJ.

Take Me is Will Sparks’ new effort featuring vocalist Gloria Kim. With a video to be soon released, this track is already shaping up for a slot right next to Will’s collection of absolute dance classics. Guided by Gloria’s vocals, the track takes you on a varied journey ranging from solitary keys, slow builds, warped break downs, and eventually leaving us with a taste of a heavy bass. There are even some strings to complete this new Spinnin’ release.

The release of Take Me is placed in a series of accomplishments for the 24-year-old Will Sparks. Previously named one of Billboard’s most exciting young talents, Will is doing more than live up to that.

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