Attom Releases New Single “Dive” ft. Cosmos & Creature

With millions of streams, Spotify New Music Friday appearances, and features everywhere from Pigeons & Planes to YourEDM between them, it’s only natural that Attom and Cosmos & Creature have teamed up for a killer collaboration. Titled “Dive”, it’s an uplifting electronic cut courtesy of Attom that finds Cosmos & Creature delivering a gorgeous one-two punch of ultra-melodic vocals.

Download “Dive”

On the process behind “Dive”, Attom noted, “Working with Cosmos & Creature was great. They both have wonderful voices, and the lyrics and unique dynamic between Brandyn and Molly’s voices were really inspiring for me. Sometimes I have to rework a song a few times until I find the right idea, but with ‘Dive’ it all came together very naturally!” As for Cosmos & Creatures’ inspiration for the song, they said, “We wrote Dive about wanting to get real with people & be authentic. You can waste a lot of time by beating around the bush or not saying what you feel. A lot of these lyrics were inspired by our desire to dig deeper past the surface level & going all in. It’s about allowing yourself to want more & jumping in with wild abandon.”

Attom has found a wide range of success throughout his career; his music has been uploaded to MrSuicideSheep, released via Seeking Blue, led to a performance at Bonnaroo, and most recently led to a deal with MFN Music/Ultra Music. With the release of “Dive”, he continues to establish himself as a quickly rising talent within the electronic scene.


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