Neon Tiger Releases Debut Album “Paperback Sunset”

The world was introduced to Neon Tiger earlier this summer when he debuted his indie-electronica sound with the single Neon Rose, followed by the groovy Summer, which soared to the number one trending track on the Hype Machine‘s Twitter Chart. Now, he is raising the bar set by his first two tracks to new heights with his premiere album Paperback Sunset.

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Neon Tiger‘s ability to fuse vintage and modern sounds creates an intrinsically familiar and yet breathtaking experience, like having deja vu on a maiden voyage through the cosmos – complete with notable collaborations. He created the track Departure with vocalist Sunsun, who performed on Kaskade‘s classics Raining and Be Still, and Grammy-winning writer Damon Sharpe, resulting in an ethereal and emotive standout gem.

On the chilled, melodic bass track Painting the Sidewalks, Neon Tiger teamed up with Monstercat vocalist Colordrive, and teamed with French producer Norman Doray on Won’t Give Up. From the minute it reels you in with the dreamy notes of Assemble to the futuristic, reverberating basslines of the Halcyon Buzz finale, Paperback Sunset is an exquisitely crafted, technicolor journey.


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