Juicy M Presents Summer Single “Spotlight” ft. Sophie Hintze

It’s a high summer, the season of reckless youngsters rolling out to the beach and having fun under the clear blue skies, the time of the biggest music festivals uniting crowds from all over the world and the perfect moment for the ‘Spotlight’, the latest single from Juicy M. This time Juicy teams up with Sophie Hintze, the talented singer and songwriter from New York for this hot banger!

Download “Spotlight”

‘Spotlight’ is a bubbling cocktail containing all the ingredients perfect summer jam should consist of: a reggaeton-style beat with a whippy kick drum, evocative chord progression, anthemic horns, and, of course, amazing vocals. The lyrics and the arrangement work excellently together, showing the best of Sophie’s songwriting and Juicy’s production skills. The verse that tells one of the summer night life stories, as well as the chorus for the self-forgetful dance, are all here.

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