Felix Jaehn Presents “Hot2Touch” Music Video

Fresh off the back of a rigorous festival run, Felix Jaehn presents the vibrant music video for his latest single ‘Hot2Touch’ with Hight and Alex Aiono.

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With a real upbeat energy, the perfectly routined choreography of the piece adds to underpinned themes of freedom and happiness with quick cuts of rooftop parties and summer vibes present throughout. A representation of youth life, the focus on friendship witnessed in the video marks a perfect accompaniment for the hugely infectious and uplifting track itself.

Billboard says, “The euphoric, punchy song couldn’t provide a better party soundtrack, with its bouncy, jazz-tinged undertones and brassy production.” 

Shot in London, the video for ‘Hot2Touch‘ is directed by Carly Cussen. The UK director is known for visually heightening artists’ performances through crisp cinematography and energetic dance routines. Filmed in the east end of the capital the production focuses on flashy neon colors and synchronized choreography that spotlights all three artists involved on the record.

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