YehMe2 Drops 2nd Installment of “Steal This Mixtape”

Chicago native / former Flosstradamus member YehMe2 (AKA Josh Young) has dropped the second installment of his Steal This Mixtape series. The mixtape was made throughout the month of May, where he challenged himself to make 1 beat per day. STMT 2 is a collection of original songs and remixes of old and new classics. The tracks were inspired by hits from some of Josh’s musical heroes including Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Giorgio Moroder, Gucci Mane & Drake, Selena, Aretha Franklin, Clipse and many more.

Free Download “Steal This Mixtape 2”

“This mixtape is an homage to all of my musical inspirations growing up… From Fleetwood Mac, to System of a Down, all the way to Southside Chicago Juke and Footwork. It’s as much a throwback to the early mash up days as it is a step forward for rap production. For the last 10 years I’ve been part of a creative partnership, so this is completely new and exciting territory for me going off on my own.” – Me2


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