Release The Woolves Unveil New Video for “Shotgun”

Enigmatic production duo Release The Woolves today unveil their new video for fiery single “Shotgun.” Featuring Australian R&B powerhouse Maribelle, “Shotgun” is lifted from their recently released self-titled debut EP, out now on Parlophone.

Download “Shotgun”

“Shotgun” sees Maribelle as a striking figure in the intoxicatingly dark video which tells a mysterious tale about a woman scorned. Two masked men allusively join the songstress in what could be the start to a heavy-hitting action movie starring Release The Woolves. The visuals are a perfect match to the pair’s haunting, howling synths and Maribelle’s commanding vocals.

Release The Woolves move to the beat of their own thumping drum, only luminous white eyes give shape to the men behind the masks. Making music with two feet firmly planted in the future, in the tradition and theatre of veiled producers before them, the music is left to speak for itself as a speaker-rattling combination of cinematic synths, bellowing samples and deep, trap-influenced grooves. Their debut single “Midnight” put them in a league of their own after racking up 100,000 plays in a single day.

One of the year’s most intriguing new production duos, Release The Woolves navigate the line between pop and trap with ease, two genres that are unpredictable bedfellows, but when executed right, bang. And “Shotgun” bangs.

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