Mija Releases “Time Stops” Short Film Soundtrack

Genre-hopping DJ / producer Mija has released the original soundtrack for her upcoming short film, Time Stops, a DIY and self-funded visual project coming later this year.

This soundtrack sees Mija scoring four individual storylines within the film, all written by Mija and director Ryan Forever and animated by David Dutton of 8-Bit Cinema fame. The story will culminate in a final, longer-form short film which will be broken up into four episodic video releases throughout the summer, backed by Mija’s first all-original body of music.

The first single and title track, “Time Stops,” released via Adult Swim‘s Singles program, and the soundtrack is out in its entirety via Mija’s own Never B Alone imprint. Stay tuned for the first episodic video and more from Mija coming soon.