Dirty Audio Releases “Alien Cookies”

Press play on Dirty Audio‘s newest release, “Alien Cookies,” out now on Monstercat, and prepare to be transported to a hypnagogic universe unlike any you could ever imagine; in the world of “Alien Cookies,” you are the hero of your own video game, brazenly slaying demons as you battle your way to the top, one struggle at a time.

Download “Alien Cookies”

The dark, moody breakdowns and massive drops of the track create a stark juxtaposition between light and dark, emotive and head-bangable. Dirty Audio‘s sound is always unique and dynamic, and this track is no different with its wide array of influences – Dirty drew inspiration from rock, hip-hop, dubstep and trap to carefully craft this latest masterpiece.

“Alien Cookies” comes out on Monstercat right after Dirty Audio released a sample pack via Splice. Any aspiring DJs and producers will delight in the 227 of Dirty Audio‘s signature samples, from crisp drum kicks to wobbling bass to vocal clips; he’s one artist who loves to give back to his fans.


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