Borgore “Best” Thomas Gold Remix

Thomas Gold continues his killer streak for 2017 with another major remix, this time putting his unique spin on ‘gorestep’ bad boy Borgore’s latest release Best.  The German producer injects a completely fresh sense to Borgore’s dreamy, shuffling tale of revenge. Delicate top-level synths and tripping FX bounce lightly against syncopated basslines that manage to give a sense of depth without overtaking the remix.

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Gold subtly tweaks the energy levels up enough to make it much more club friendly yet by keeping the sultry vocal as the central thread to the remix, also manages to stay entirely sympathetic to the Israeli͛s original production.

2017 has already been a huge year for Thomas Gold. ‘Magic,’ lead single from his latest album Revelations: Part 1, has seen immense success on streaming and download platforms, with 30 million streams on Spotify alone. Huge Miami performances and the summer festival season looming large on the horizon, his remix of Best adds yet another string to his increasingly formidable production bow.

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