Tabrill Releases Glorious Electro-Atmospheric Treat with “Sans”

Brisbane producer Tabrill has dropped “Sans,” a track that blends world music with dark electronica, and it is euphoric on so many levels.

This piece of music plays with an aesthetic more than a soundscape. There are minimal vocals, apart from the choral chants, as the layers of sounds generate a natural ebb and flow progression.

Free Download “Sans”

“This is the first single in which I’m branching away from the generic ‘faceless producer’ cliché, and more towards a story driven project focusing on the Tabrill universe, more specifically, Owun; the very first Tabrill unit,” he said.

What are Tabrill units, and what are their purposes you ask? “The Tabrill units are a secret government robot-human hybrid/weapon. The stories of Owun will be cryptically explained through a combination of music, artworks and animations over the coming years to create a deep universe and history for those who wish to seek it out. This track in particular deals with Owun rejecting his humanity for the first time, which is symbolised by him literally ripping his face off” Tabrill explains

It’s not everyday you come across a producer with a musical motive that is deeply encrypted, but this is what makes Tabrill stand out from the rest. His work is eccentric and his vision transcends.

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