Leonell Cassio Releases “Me 4 Me” ft. Julia Mihevc

Swedish producer Leonell Cassio is here to delight our ears with a wonderful blend of melodious tenderness and sharp electronica called ‘Me 4 Me’, featuring the wonderful vocal work of Canadian songstress Julia Mihevc.

‘Me 4 Me’ is a track that explores quite a dark subject matter for Cassio; a period of time in his life where the acceptance of his true self was completely diminished.

“This song is about the darker experiences of love for me; people that couldn’t accept “me for me”. So I wrote a song about it,” he said.

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The fine guitar work and gentle melody line sets the tone of the song with airy vocals from Julia Mihevc. Incredibly though, it is not at all what you think it is from the very start.

What begins as an open letter of sorts with simple orchestrations turns into a surprising and buzzing bass of productions. It catches you off guard but once you settle into it, you understand the growth in text and music.

“All the samples in this song are all recorded by myself. The guitar, the snapping, the clapping, the stomping, the keys, even part of the kick is my friend hitting himself really hard on his chest. ‘Me 4 Me’ is meant to sound like it was recorded in a small apartment to make the authentic and “homemade” feeling be more apparent,” he said.

Julia Mihevc rewrote most of the vocal lines to fit her vocals and it’s the balance between her tonal strength and fragility that really tells the story of this hardship.

The end really builds in productions then slowly draws back to floating hums as the homemade samples become increasingly clearer.

This is emotional electronica at its best, and the young producer has certainly shown maturity in his work. The detail in the song’s message even goes as far as the symbolism behind the artwork.

“The artwork is meant to be very symbolic. The little quirky plant has lost all its leaves and the only things remaining are the funny looking glowing leaves, which are meant to symbolise the “authentic self”. The heart’s blood made the funny and quirky looking tree glow into something beautiful, weird and authentic which could never be loved,” he said.

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