Florian Picasso & Raiden Release “Hanabi” on Protocol Recordings

Last month, Florian Picasso and Raiden joined Nicky Romero on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival amid his electrifying set. As a fluid, uplifting melody began to permeate the Miami air, Nicky called out “these are some of the most talented guys I know in the scene right now” before the track sent the crowd into a blissful frenzy. This track is none other than “Hanabi,” the newest release from Florian and Raiden on Protocol Recordings.

Download “Hanabi”

“Hanabi”‘s vibrance gains momentum throughout its entirety, with progressively energetic drops that are guaranteed to bring a crowd to their feet. Both Florian Picasso and Raiden have cultivated dynamic, captivating sounds, and “Hanabi” blends them into a seamless masterpiece.

The collaboration happened when the two were in Florian’s studio in Cannes, and Raiden began experimenting with an idea that Florian had showed him. “We both noticed that our ideas interlocked together, so after a several minutes we were already working on it at full throttle. However, the track now sounds pretty different compared to the first demo but we are really happy with the final result!” says Raiden of their creation. With the summer season already in full swing, rest assured that you’ll be hearing “Hanabi”‘s uplifting synths more and more.

Florian and Raiden are among Protocol’s premiere talent, and their collaboration is an exciting happening for the label. “Florian and Raiden are both great talents obviously. We have been working with them for a while so to hear they were hitting the studio together made us very happy. This collaboration is exactly what Protocol is hoping for we work with new talent…to seek the opportunity to explore yourself musically and create something amazing with likeminded artists,” says Protocol’s A&R and Creative Director, Jorik van de Pol. “Hanabi” comes after a steady stream of releases from both artists on Protocol Recordings, including Raiden’s cathartic “Heart of Steel” and Florian’s inspiring “Final Call.”

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