Andrew Rayel Releases “My Reflection” with Emma Hewitt

Rousing. Mesmerizing. Narcotic. The music of Andrew Rayel is positively infectious and his skills as a classically trained pianist shine through in the popular electronic dance music he creates. Working up to the release of his highly sought-after sophomoric studio album MOMENTS on May 5th, Rayel releases the fourth and latest single from the album “My Reflection” with Emma Hewitt.

Download “My Reflection”

The original album version of “My Reflection” is lushly intoxicating from the outset, so poignant are the acoustic piano chords played by Rayel himself. Just as the listener becomes fully seduced by that melody, Rayel lays down superbly distorted horns and a bouncy, quivering bassline that’s dripping in acid.

The forward-driving percussion quickly sets the stage for Hewitt’s imposing vocals, and off she goes. Hewitt’s voice is a slightly lower register than is found in abundance on saccharine-sweet songs so prevalent today, though she can also hit the high notes with aplomb. On the surface, “My Reflection” can be construed as a dreamy, romantic song, and savvy festival-goers will respond to the inevitable peak-time remixes that are likely to ensue.

The ballad-like original version of “My Reflection” is a relatable trance tune replete with the requisite enormous builds and drops that, when remixed into a club edit, will have entire festival fields jumping in unison. “My Reflection” saturates the airwaves and then, as nimbly as it appeared, vanishes on a wisp of breath. Together, Andrew Rayel and Emma Hewitt knocked this effort out of the ballpark.

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