DJUSTIN Unveil New Track “New Preset”

Just two weeks after the release of THE LEGENDS’ “Nightshift” album, Sweden’s Johan Angergård returns alongside longtime American confidant, Rose Suau, to release DJUSTIN’s debut album, “VOYAGERS” on May 5. Since launching their critically praised EP “TRYST” in May 2016, the duo has been, somewhat telepathically, finishing each other’s musical sentences on their respective sides of the Atlantic.

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VOYAGERS” is a glittering, sensual exploration into an unchartered and fully-electrified universe. It is a tale of “Future Love”, where a newly-conscious, idealized romanticism is propelled by contagious dance beats, synth-driven melodies, and sweetly seductive vocals.

The soundscape is sophisticated and visionary, yet the stories are intimate and relatable. “VOYAGERS” is a journey through a spectrum of emotional highs and lows: from the apex of adult infatuation and desire, to the darkest abyss  of disconnection and existentialism. Every detail from beat, hook, and lyrical lexicon is unveiled deftly. Clearly, Rose and Johan wouldn’t surrender anything less.