Running Touch Releases “A Body Slow” EP

Running Touch has just released his beautiful six-track EP titled A Slow Body. The Melbourne-based artist is responsible for creating every bit of magic that went into the work, from the music, art, video and lyrics.

Download “A Body Slow”

The EP begins with “She’s Waiting,” a song with a passionate melody and breathy, emotive vocals, followed by the lead single “Lovely,” a lighter track shimmering melodies and wavy instrumental textures. The following tracks include the beloved, previously released “Courtesy Of,” and “Don’t Tell Me It’s True,” lead by a strong and steady electric guitar melody.

Dubbed by Triple J as “RUFUS x DISCLOSURE x ZHU x CHET FAKER’s talented and quirky love child” – Running Touch recently made his North American debut with multiple shows at SXSW, before heading back to his homeland for an Australian tour stint. Having only been on the scene for two years, Running Touch has amassed impressive praise for being one of the most innovative acts around. He’s sold out countless shows across Australia and played nearly every festival main stage in the country, leading to artists like ZHU, Safia and Miami Horror asking him to support their tours.

It’s only a matter of time before Running Touch makes a splash internationally, and the release of A Body Slow is just the beginning.

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