josh pan + X&G Share Prelude Video for “Nowhere”

josh pan and X&G have shared a stunning prelude video for their anti-establishment song “Nowhere”, inspired by Plato’s allegory of the cave and the modern media.

Featuring josh’s soothing vocals as a message of solidarity in times of great division,“Nowhere” taps into the past, evoking the spirit behind activist anthems like The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever”. Stay tuned for the full music video coming soon.

Download: “Nowhere”

From josh pan:

it’s 2017 and life itself seems to be backwards. nothing feels right and the direction we’re being dragged towards seems to be chaos and dissonance. friendships and relationships become shaky as everyone seems to have a different opinion about politics, ethics and morals. it seems to be a dark age – at least to me.
and suddenly it feels like the 1960s to me again – it feels like the helplessness of a nation has reached its peak and deserves a chance to dissipate. “nowhere” is that breath of compassion and reassurance that we’re going to get through this – it’s a reminder that enough is enough.

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