Juicy M Releases New Dance Single “Maracana”

Initially dedicated to the 2016’s Olympic Games, Juicy M made ‘Maracana’ in the middle of summer while touring between her residency in Ibiza and biggest European dance festivals such as UltraMusic Festival in Croatia, explaining the energy and arena attitude of this banger.

Even though the compilation was never released, ‘Maracana’ precisely conveys the mood and the sense of Olympics with positive vibes, punchy leads and of course a little bit of Brazilian touch in form of traditional samba drums reminding us of the massive summer festivals we miss.

‘Maracana’ is the first in the series of free releases Juicy M has prepared while working on full scale album in Los Angeles with more to expect in early 2017!

Download [Free on SoundCloud] “Maracana”

Juicy M is easily one of the most popular and promising female DJ and producer in the world. Having a strong background in hip-hop DJing and turntablism, she has entered the electronic scene like a power blast with her smashing viral videos on youtube of her mixing live on four decks in 2013.

Sincethen Juicy M gained astonishing 4 million fans on Facebook, featured in Billboard’s ‘Next Big Sound’ chart, and has been acknowledged by reputable magazines, blogs and events like Ultra Music, Summerburst and Dreambeach festivals.

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