All Good Records Presents ‘Freshly Baked’ Vol. 1

All Good Records Presents ‘Freshly Baked’ Vol. 1 strides towards the finish line with unmistakable momentum and panache. By staggering each release, the ten track compilation has created a growing sense of intrigue. A celebration of all genres, GRiZ successfully brings to light the talents held by a future generation of stars.

Download [Free]: “Freshly Baked” Vol. 1

Falcon Punch’s “Cream” was the first release, starting off the compilation with a bang hitting #1 on Hype Machine and re-charting ever since. The single continues to gain listeners on multiple platforms, particularly on Sirius XM Chill..

Marshall McGee was found on Gramatik’s Reddit AMA being praised for his existential funk sound. “Number Generator” was his contribution as the second single – an example of how important fans mean to the collective.

Birocratic’s “Overexpressed” came next and became another presence within the dance blogosphere, helping launch subsequent (independent of the label) releases as well.

“Wobble Master [VIP]” by Ganja White Night quickly became another fan favorite, as the anthem has been on Soundcloud’s top dubstep charts ever since its release.

Most recently, listeners were treated to “Love U Need U” by Recess – a perfect encapsulates the ‘Freshly Baked’ sound All Good Records has become renowned for producing.

The highly anticipated compilation debuts brand new singles from Yung Bae, WIZE, AceMyth, Mind CNTRL and Jonah Baseball – check them out!

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