Milk & Sugar Share Redondo and Rene Amesz Remixes of ‘Ready Or Not’

German house music legends Milk & Sugar returned this summer unveiling a remix of their anthem “Ready Or Not”, which has been leading them back to their roots of funk, soul and disco music.

Milk & Sugar now shares remix versions from the Dutch producer, Redondo who delivers an outstanding bass house interpretation while René Amesz puts his focus more on the tech side of house.

Milk & Sugar have taken the classic hook of “Ready or not here I come”, originally from the Delfonics but probably most known from the Fugees’ 1996 version and transformed into a sure fire summer anthem. Built on the foundation of a tom driven bassline, the strings and 70ies style brass of the original, these new mixes paired with the vocals of UK RnB singer Taisa Bennett take the versions to another level.

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