Flosstradamus Releases “Came Up” ft. Post Malone & Key!

Flosstradamus releases “Came Up” featuring Post Malone & Key!

The blazing hot trap duo Flosstradamus crosses their trademark bass with vocals from one of hip-hop’s hottest acts with ‘Came Up’, a collaboration with FKi 1st & graves that features Post Malone and Key! Came Up’s production is delivered in tandem with the Hawaiian producer graves and member of the production two-some FKi, FKi 1st.

Post Malone brings his rhymes to play along with a hook that pairs carefully with the heavy-hitting composition, as well as splitting duties on verses with upcoming rapper Key!.

Flosstradamus recently performed Came Up at Lollapalooza with Post Malone, graves and the track’s collaborators while closing out the festival with the Bud Light Moment which included Chicago-bred guests Dwyane Wade, Chance The Rapper and Michelle Williams. The duo will headline HARD Summer this weekend.

Download: Flosstradamus ‘Came Up’ ft. Post Malone & Key!