Interview: 7 Questions with PLS&TY

7 Questions with PLS&TY

Remixing classic R&B and hip-hop tunes to sublime effect, rising Future House producer PLS&TY has already amassed more than 12 million plays on SoundCloud and hit the #1 spot on the HypeMachine charts an incredible eight times – and all this in the space of just one year.

His chilled, trip-hop electronic production has won him fans right the way around the world and seen influential tastemaker blogs profiling his work on a regular basis. As his reach has grown so too have the opportunities, with official remix work coming in for the likes of Just A Gent, Phonat, Mark Morrison, XYLØ, Tomsize, Odd Mob and Genevieve and collaborations with some of his favourite artists, including Autolaser, Arman Cekin, Quix, Jesse Slayter and for major labels like OWSLA, Wind-Up/Concord Music Group, Sensual Records and Central Station Records.

His music has featured on BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends; his remix of Genevieve’s ‘Colors’ was placed in the Hershey’s ‘Hello Happy’ TV commercial; K-Pop stars GOT7 performed to his remix of Drake’sHotline Bling’ at the 2015 SBS Awards Festival in front of a TV audience of millions.

With the first wave of original music set to drop Spring of 2016, and more collaborations and remixes in the pipeline, the future for this very talented new star looks brighter than ever.



Hello PLS&TY! Welcome to HousePlanet and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

“Hello, hello! Thank you for having me.


So we understand PLS&TY to be an abbreviation for PLEASE & THANK YOU. How did the name come about? Is there an interesting backstory to it?

I wish I could say there was something remarkable surrounding the transpiring of the PLS&TY name, however I find it simply to be a clever by-product of my actual name. PLS&TY derives from my last name “Leas” rhyming with the word “Please”, and the letters “T” and “Y” that are present in my first name “Tommy”. When “Please” was shorted to ‘PLS’, the “T” and “Y” were put together, PLS&TY was created. 


We’ve read somewhere that you started out as a videographer/photographer in sunny Palm Beach. How did you find yourself making that transition to music? Has the process of producing music been far different than your experiences as a videographer?

It is true that I started as a videographer. I have always been considerably passionate about filmmaking, as well as electronic dance music, so this was a great introduction to the world of live performance and everything that it entails. Nonetheless, my transition into music production seemed to flow seamlessly as my obsession with this style of music continuously grew. It is tremendously difficult to compare producing music with videography, as they both are distinct forms of art with their own unique sets of possibilities and challenges. 


You’ve made remixes on tracks from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Baby Bash, Fergie, Nelly Furtado and more. Describe the selection of tracks you decide to re-make and if it has much to do with your influences in music. Who were your major influences in music growing up?

Surprisingly, you would not have found me listening to any of the previously mentioned artists while growing up. I was a huge fan of groups like blink-182 and Linkin Park. However, I undoubtedly wanted to pay a tribute to artists who had become icons of my earlier years, as well as put my spin on songs that are so notable and immediately recognizable, which is how the “Throwback Remixes” emerged. 


Couple months ago on Facebook, you updated us about your “Genevieve – Colors Remix” featured in a new HERSHEY’S Caramels ‘Hello Happy’ TV commercial. Discuss a little bit about the excitement of that and your thoughts on how large corporations are utilizing music nowadays in advertising. How did this project develop?

“Never did I think that I would hear something that I had created become the soundtrack of a major commercial, so this was incredibly exciting for me. It is fantastic that larger corporations are keeping up with popular music trends nowadays, and even willing to take the risk to see what happens when it is featured in their ads. As music tastes and styles are constantly evolving, it is an exceptional feeling to know that my music is at the forefront of this movement. We have made a bit of history here in having a ‘Future‘ style dance song placed in a currently airing advertisement on television!

Living in Los Angeles all my life, I’m curious about your thoughts on the music scene here since you are LA-based at the moment. LA has that reputation of nice sunny days with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood at night. Do you feel LA is underrated as a city in terms of appreciation in music? Or do you feel Los Angeles has fully caught up.

I see Los Angeles as one of the largest dance music hubs in existence. It is certainly not a bad place to be at the moment! There are constantly new experiences to be had and people to be met who all share this common bond of a grand passion for music!


You’re fairly new to the archives of HousePlanet.DJ. For those that don’t know, please describe your style and how it fits into the “Electronic Sound/Dance Music” label of today.

“My music is often characterized as ‘Future‘, ‘Chill‘, or ‘Forward Thinking’. I feel that since artists with similar sounds and style are the artists that I became so passionate about (Wave Racer, Flume, Lido), naturally my sound began to take shape from their music as inspiration. 


Speak on your chemistry with Autolaser on collaborations. How did you guys meet and can we expect more collabs in the near future?

Autolaser will always be a great friend. I have been such a huge fan of his music for years now, and I am not sure if I have ever told him this, but my iTunes library essentially contains his entire discography, with Autolaser bootleg remixes that have been virtually nonexistent for years now. It is such an honor to be able to work with someone that I am personally so inspired by!


Any parting words for our fellow House Planetarian’s?

Get ready for everything coming soon!





Following on from their hugely successful debut original collaboration ‘Used To This’, PLS&TY and Autolaser return with their latest co-production, the RnB-tinged, chill-trap single ‘Hiding From The Rain’, out now on Trap Nation.


PLS&TY & Autolaser ft. MARØHiding From The Rain’ is out now on Trap Nation via Beatport, iTunes and all other download stores.

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