Breathe Carolina vs Y&V – Hero (Satellite) [Oxygen]

Breathe Carolina vs Y&V - Hero (Satellite) [Oxygen]

Breathe Carolina vs Y&V taking you sky high, straight to a heavenly breakdown with subtle drum patterns and mesmerizing sounds. It’s just that piece of quiet before the storm breaks, featuring melancholic electro melodics and sweet vocals. “Hero (Satellite)” is all you hope from a progressive tune like this, it sweeps you away and gets the crowd dancing as one. OUT NOW on Oxygen Records!

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Read tha band’s comment about this track:

“A LOT of people told us we COULDN’T do what we are doing. They told us we would never “FIT IN” or get to live out our dreams.. We looked at every single one of those people and told them “YOU DON’T KNOW OUR FANS” , We told them our fans are FAMILY and we stick with each other through the good , the bad and the impossible… We KNEW that with you guys by our side we could do ANYTHING…

TOMORROW we put out HERO , this is our first song that isn’t vocally driven , we wanted to try something new , We wanted to try a song that you could just FEEL and not have to read lyrics to. I think we accomplished that and have NO doubt you guys will love it. These steps we are taking are because we weren’t happy doing the same thing over and over again.

We wanted to give YOU guys a TON of stuff , Some the same and some different , because YOU guys deserve EVERYTHING. We say this a lot but we really mean it. YOU GUYS ARE THE ONLY REASON WE BREATHE. Can not explain how much it would mean to us if you supported our new song ‪#‎HERO‬ and picked it up on BEATPORT tomorrow. Our hearts are full of nothing but LOVE for all of you. we are truly a family. WE ARE ‪#‎SVGS‬”

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