Colleen D’Agostino prepares 6-track “Collide EP” on mautrap feat. collaboration with deadmau5 “Stay”

Colleen D'Agostino feat. deadmau5 - Stay

Colleen D’Agostino is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter. Known by many as the soulful and raspy lead vocalist of LA rock band The Material, D’Agostino has unleashed another dimension of her artistic identity with her new electro-pop solo project and collaboration with deadmau5. Her “Collide EP” comes in the form of six tracks that sway somewhere between 80’s disco-pop and electronica. The production teams on each track vary, but we know you’ll be happy to learn deadmau5 is involved. Preview their collaboration track “Stay” below. There’s also some loving, nurturing participation from mau5trap label friends Eekkoo and Matt Lange, Ghostship, John Major and Blake Harnage.

Watch an incredible acoustic cover of “Seeya”:

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