Chuckie & Promise Land – Burn (Metamorphosism Anthem) [Dirty Dutch Music]

Chuckie & Promise Land - Burn (Metamorphosism Anthem)

Dirty Dutch Music has entrenched itself as one of the industry’s leading global ambassadors. The Chuckie-led imprint first announced its new platform during this past year’s international ADE conference. Following up with an impressive array of new releases, Chuckie is primed to lead his label into all spectrums of dance music. On February 7th, the king of Dirty Dutch is set for a landmark 9-hour takeover at Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. This marathon performance marks the highly anticipated launch of Dirty Dutch Music’s Metamorphosism series. In collaboration with Promised Land, Chuckie has crafted an accompanying production for the event in “Burn”. The official anthem for Metamorphosism encapsulates the fearless direction Dirty Dutch Music has in stored for the future.

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After a slew of genre bending productions in “Bang!”, “Rock Da Scene” and the Traphall EP, “Burn” is another venture into previously untapped territories. Encapsulating the vision behind Metamorphosism perfectly, this latest effort is a Bounce laced anthem that finds Chuckie and Promised Land at the top of their game. The manic, infectious buildup kickstarts the energy at a peak that never once lets up. Seamlessly transitioning into the drop, Chuckie and Promised Land take listeners on an audible journey that hits every right note. The blaring synth progression implements electro and Melbourne Bounce styles with masterful results. “Burn” changes gears with its downtempo bridge, before shifting back into a bevy of siren synths and percussive backdrops all the way until the finish line.

Chuckie is taking Dirty Dutch Music through an innovative musical expedition, breaking down conventional boundaries with each new project. Metamorphosism brings this vision full circle, with “Burn” as perfect support.

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