FREE DOWNLOAD: Will Sparks & Jebu – Check This Out

FREE DOWNLOAD: Will Sparks & Jebu - Check This Out

At the tail end of yet another massively successful North American Tour, Will Sparks is yet again finding the time to release a musical treat for his loyal fans. This time, and much to their excitement, it comes in the form of a FREE DOWNLOAD with fellow Melbourne native, Jebu, titled ‘Check This Out!’

Download here!

'Check This Out!’ takes the listener through a range of genres and multi-textured soundscapes. With an emphatic intro and build-up that oozes Sparks’ signature bounce-driven sound, the record soon comes to the fore as Jebu’s pulsating electro sweeps turn an already mammoth track into an entirely different animal. The mesmerizing trumpet synths carefully layered over the ever-powerful Sparks bass line unmistakably defines the tune; one that is guaranteed to be a centerpiece over the festival season for the young Australian.

Will sparks wrote on his facebook page: "So a little over a year ago (AKA AGES AGO) Jebu & myself got together and made the song we just put out called 'Check This Out' which will be a Free Download very shortly.
Jebu is an insane producer that lives in my town and we thought it would be cool to mix our genres.
I've come a long way since then in my production but i haven't been able to share with any of you people that support me which has been INSANELY frustrating for me, you have no idea.
I make new tracks constantly and to think some are not coming out for over a year (like this one did) cuts deep.
What i would do to show you what I have in stock…why do you think i put up sneaky tiny previews or play them all in my sets.
So, no I'm not changing to 'Big Room' and I'm never changing what i do. Keep updated with what i post and when i play and maybe all you people that disagree will think differently.
Keep note, from now on, heaps of content is coming out, the reason why i've been stuck is because of label agreements etc. ALL IN ALL I HATE RELEASING SHIT THAT WAS MADE AGES AGO!!!!!! So when things take too long i thought it would be nice to give it out for free which ill do a lot from now too. Sorry"

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