D-wayne – Africa [Wall Recordings]

D-wayne - Africa [Wall Recordings]

Gifted with an exceptional awareness of music. Born with a very strong feeling for rhythm and able to detect nuances in music that others do not hear. Has everything a DJ needs nowadays for driving success. Dutch DJ/producer D-wayne presents his new track “Africa” released on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings February 24th. Cool African vocal samples prepare crowds for a massive and bouncy electro drop! Nice!

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D-wayne’s breadth of talent marked both by his infectious choice of music and DJ style as well as the music productions and remixes he is delivering, have attracted the attention of many in- and outside of the Dance industry in the Netherlands as well as other countries in Europe and large parts of the USA. Fellow deejays compliment his talent and many in the music business foresee a big future for him on the DJ podium as well as in the field of producing and remixing tracks.

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