Party Killers & Bad Nelson – Parygon & Blow [Mutants Records]

Party Killers & Bad Nelson - Parygon & Blow [Mutants Records]
OUT NOW! Mutants second offering of 2014 is a two track, banger of an EP from Switzerland… Teaming-up with his mates, Party Killers, Nelson has produced a dual offering with enough peaks and lofty emotion to challenge the Alpine summits and create a euphoric feat Mutants just couldn’t ignore.

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First-up is ‘Parygon’, which perfectly encapsulates the foursome’s distinct sound: arpeggiated synths: killer drum-rolls; gltichy mid-lines and riff that rivals anything the best of Sweden could muster all combine to deliver a piece of music that truly stands apart.

“It was both amusing and interesting how the track got signed. I met John Dahlback and his team at the Amsterdam Dance Event and handed them physi-cal demos in the very old-skool sense, just like the way it used to be before the days of file transfer!”, says Nelson laughing, “But, when I heard back from Mutants a month later and went to tell the boys they were picking-up the track they didn’t believe me! I had to show them the original email before they’d accept it!”

Meanwhile, ‘BLOW’, offers a distinctly darker, not to mention dirtier alternative as the Killers explain, “We were all conscious not to present two tracks that would tread on each others toes. ‘BLOW’ is a balls out force of nature for when the room is at its darkest and the strobe’s working overtime.” But don’t be fooled into thinking this a one dimensional affair, far from it; just at the moment you fear things couldn’t get any more intense the guys very cleverly juxtapose proceedings and present a shining breakdown of emotive glory before the grinding electro bass returns with the final drive toward the end of the track.

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