FREE DOWNLOAD: Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown – It Won’t Stop (Sevag Area-201 Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown - It Won't Stop (Sevag Area-201 Remix)

The Webster dictionary defines the word "transform" as a verb, to change something completely and "usually" in a good way. In the latest of his dynamic and original arsenal of productions, NYC-based producer, Sevag, has transformed and uniquely enhanced Sevyn Streeter Feat. Chris Brown “It Won't Stop” into his own Sevag Area-201 Remix. The original from Sevyn Streeter and Chris Brown is a soothing R&B crooner that has an undeniably smooth and emotional tone. With this remix, Sevag has kept the essential elements of R&B and fused them  with the energy and groove of a progressive chart topper.

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What begins with what may seem as a typical dance music hi-hat and kick, quickly becomes a versatile and soul-pleasing track that is sure to provide his  peers and fan with a track for all types of settings. This track is the epitome of excellence and complex artistry that we have come to expect from Sevag in his music. "Usually good" has never applied because he holds himself and his music to a higher standard that only he and a few artists can even dream of reaching. Be sure to download and enjoy the latest of his original productions.

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