Richie Hayes – Taste !t Mix v1.0

Richie Hayes - Taste !t Mix v1.0

A San Francisco area based DJ is making a breakthrough with his mix of Tech House. He is known as Richie Hayes. In the mid-summer of 2012, Random Nights held one of the biggest lake events in Northern California. It is known as the BUMP Music Festival where his live mix was captured. Richie Hayes was graced with the honors to open for this 14hr event of non stop House and EDM music. In this year he shall play at another major event in San Francisco, Ca. named the Project X Music Festival by City Lights Entertainment. This is dated for June 1, 2013. Make sure to follow him on the social networks for updates on mixes and this promising Project X Music Festival.

Check out this promo video of how the BUMP Music Festival goes down every year.

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