FREE MP3: Jupiter Ace feat. Geneva Lane – Glowing In The Dark (Adrien Mezsi’s Remix)

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FREE MP3: Jupiter Ace feat. Geneva Lane - Glowing In The Dark (Adrien Mezsi's Remix)
Adrien Mezsi, an up and coming DJ and producer, has recently been making some serious noise in the music world. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he was introduced to electronic music at the tender age of 15 and has fallen in love with it ever since. Growing up in Southern California, Adrien has been exposed to all different types of music his whole life, which gives him a library of musical knowledge and an exciting approach to his own productions. Starting off by playing around on a few amateur DJ programs, Adrien began to get serious about music after picking up his first pair of Pioneer decks. It was all uphill from there, as he has shown an innate ability to create melodies and produce tracks that rock the dance floor. More recently, he’s been producing on programs such as Reason, Logic Pro, and Ableton.
Adrien Mezsi's Mezsed Up Remix of Jupiter Ace Feat. Geneva Lane "Glowing In The Dark" is available for free downloading on his facebook fanpage. This track was played by Tiesto in Club Life Podcast.

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