Nicky Romero – Toulouse (Chocolate Puma Remix)

Nicky Romero - Toulouse (Chocolate Puma Remix)

Many beautiful years have past between their first monster hit Give It Up and now. Born as first generation house producers, a complete musical revolution has taken place right in front of Zki & Dobres eyes: From the first simple sampler, to a complete digital studio built into a laptop.

DJ Zki & Dobre; who are they and what are they up to? Two simple but pressing questions which are not easy to answer. The Dutch producers Zki & Dobre- respectively René ter Horst and Gaston Steenkist are responsible for so many productions in all kinds of styles under so many different names that they are extremely difficult to categorize.

They are working now on the remix of smashing Nicky Romero's track "Toulouse" . Here is live preview from their gig in London's club The Egg:

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