Neon Hitch used Deadmau5 track without his permission in “I Can’t Behave Myself” song

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Neon Hitch released a song called "I Can't Behave Myself" that featured an instrumental track called "Seeya Next Tuesday" by a popular electronic artist Deadmau5. Deadmau5 has commented on Facebook that the track was never used with permission and was received by Neon Hitch through record labels, not with Deadmau5's consent. 

Deadmau5 comments:

"and were back! and here i am… telling it how it is. ive been hearing alot about this Neon Hitch track… so i looked into it… holy shit. what do you know… its actually Seeya Next Tuesday. now ask me if i ever asked them to write / "sing" on it…. yeah… no.  i didnt.

in fact, ill do you one better… a few months back we had this guy working with my management company… and i gave him a shitload of old tracks just to send out to writers and whatnot… and seek out possible collabs with other artists.. you know… basically keeping it internal… and just putting feelers out to see if i could vibe off anything.. and part of those MP3s i sent out, was my old (vocal-less) Seeya Next Tuesday….  so, someone obviously over at their camp, or EMI's camp obviously felt liberal enough to say to Neon Hitch "HELL FUCK YEAH, WRITE A FUCKING WICKED CHEESY POPPY VOCAL TRACK OVER THIS.. WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT THAT DEADMAU5 GUY SAYS."

coz this is certainly the first time im hearing it… meanwhile its already on the radio now? how the fuck does that happen? i guess i missed that fucking memo… because im sure its great for the poppy mega radio piece of shit it is… but, it's defineatley not the direction i wanted to go with it.

 so on behalf of every fucking idiot who thinks my internal demos are automatically public domain,  … i apologize. just listened to the track again…  and yeah, i apologize again. * TRIPLE FACEPALM* gotta love how fitting the title is huh?

its not about "the stealing" coz im sure there wasnt any in the first place.  our (now ex employee)  gave that shit to them… as a demo… etc, whatever… and im pretty sure they havent officially released this (or ever will), so its not really a moan about "neon hitch theving my shit" … because hey, shit leaks. thats just what happens…

and hell, for all i know they leaked with my name stamped all over it knowing it would get a ton of attention… *shrug*  right? i mean… that's pretty .. well dodgy, but it works.  Truth of the matter is … even bad publicity is good publicity. hell… remeber that "dj are cunts" rant i had way back when??  yes. people STILL talk about that shit… and as stupid as the whole argument was in the first place.. it's still done me more good than harm.

but i think im just pissed off because, look at all this shit really…  hitch just got probably 25,000 new views (to be super conservative) … rusko got what? 10,000+ twitter followers the following week of that epic cry fest…. shit.

sucks that im now in this kinda almost-mainstream level marketplace where bitchathons like this actually counted for publicity, whereas the actualy music in question is almost completely thrown out of the equation.

take me back to the faxing berlin-ish days, where i was sitting in a basement  apartment writing tracks and the most drama i would usually encounter was about some local DJ who talked copious amount of shit which may have reached a grand total of 4 people, and then that was the end of that.

now it seems we have this crazy multimillion audience who propel this shit around the universe and back again for years…

excuse me for speaking up about it and all that… but really? fuck… is this what becoming jaded actually feels like? … well as long as i can still sit here and be open about it… i'm perfectly fine… because i know meowingtons doesnt give a fuck about ANY of it…. just as long as something bumping out of the speakers and he's got food in his dish.

probably doesnt help that im bitching about it either… but if it gives neon hitch another 30,000 profile views… then i guess i contributed to the music industry after all.

then… at least im contributing to something… right?"

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