Black Eyed Peas sampled Deadmau5’s track in their new song “The Time”?

Black Eyed Peas sampled Deadmau5's track in their new song "The Time"?

From Deadmau5 facebook page:


i've been getting a few tweets on and off about Black Eyed Peas's new single "The Time" that more or less said… heyy sounds like you ish… So… i went and checked it out, at first listen… i was like… naaahhh i mean, it's cool for what it is and all that… and doesnt really sound much like me at all. but then i heard a highhat… and something just clicked.

yup! i so know that highat… and the pattern it was in… so i went to my masters folder, cracked open my instrumental mix of "You and i" remix thing i did for Medina… and there it was again, starring me in the face… so i coupled up the waveforms.. which was pretty easy, since theyre both exactly 128 BPM… and had a look…  from what i could gather, looks like the loop was layered on top of a tiny bit (on the snare end) and the "loop" was compressed (which woulda made it doubly compressed in this case)  the phases in the kick drum lined up.. which isnt the most rare occurance in the world of "the same fuckin kick over and over and over again"… but enough to give it a closer look for sure. Then that similar reversed highat at the end of every 2nd bar was there again.

This isnt calling the black eyed peas out at all. i rather enjoy that minimal bit of the tune… (however the 80's remake vocals can fuck off and die) This is just another interesting factoid i keep finding about sampling and electronic music… which is clearley prevalent and welcomed (when used properly) in this genre of music no doubt!

here are some figs. for ya.  OOOH SCIENCE!!!

You And I remix on top… Black eyed Peas on bottom.

i guess you can pretty much see that the exact same transient pattern on that "early clap" type snare is the exact same.

and obvsiosly the same (or very similar kick) was used.. however theirs was way more compressed (at least in this version i got) as you can tell the kick looks a bit longer, but thats because the overcompression is lifting up more of the tail of the kick.

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