Ministry of Sound site hacked by file-sharers

Ministry of Sound

As scheduled, the DDoS attack by Anonymous fired away at 3PM EST. The target list was expanded, encompassing 3 targets: Gallant Macmillian‘s website, the Ministry of Sound (MOS) website, and MOS’ payment website. At the time of this writing, all three websites are offline and cannot resolve to their intended homepages. (MOS’ prepay site appears to be in offline/online flux).

Anonymous has an axe to grind with UK solicitor Gallant Macmillian. In their statement preceding the attack, parallels were drawn between the file-sharing litigation work of Macmillian and ACS:Law’s Andrew Crossley. For better or worse, Anonymous is using DDoS attacks as a way to fight back against the threat they perceive.

The Ministry of Sound is an independent music label in the United Kingdom. They feel that file-sharing is hurting their bottom line, and have retained Gallant Macmillian to conduct file-sharing litigation work against suspected pirates. He hasn’t received permission to obtain the identities of hundreds of suspected pirates just yet, but he’s due in court tomorrow and his request could be granted.

The DoS attacks appear relentless, with no clear end in sight. Overall, the entire effort could go in several directions. It could simply die out over time if members lose interest. Conversely, it could develop into a self-sustaining community that reacts when they feel the need. The whole effort could backfire as well – perhaps demonstrating a justification for stricter laws against file-sharing. Until then, the DoS attacks will probably continue for at least the short term.