Interview: Eric Prydz for Creamfields 2010

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Eric Prydz gig diary Spring/Summer 2010

There are few DJ’s who succeed in hitting the heady heights of DJ superstardom, however, Eric Prydz is one such artiste. This Swedish DJ/Producer du jour is responsible for some of dance music’s biggest tracks, including last summer’s anthem ‘Pjanoo’ and has fast become one of electronicas most in demand producers. Taking time away from his busy schedule, we sat down with the man of the moment to talk about his highly anticipated Creamfields appearance this Summer and hosting the Pryda Friends Arena on Saturday 29th August Bank Holiday weekend. Tickets on sale now!

You’ve got a new album out this year, tell us about it?

The album has been an ongoing process for the past 5 years. I always had the ethos that it will be finished when it’s finished, I didn’t want to rush it and now it’s finally getting released! It will be out this Summer which is perfect timing because the album is very much a summer album. It’s very melodic, emotional and it’s very good, I’m really proud of it. As its music that I’ve made over the last 5 years, some of it is old and some very new but I don’t feel that any of it is dated.

You have a number of brands including Cirez D and Pryda, is there one in particular you prefer?

Cirez D, Pryda and the other brands are still all Eric Prydz. It’s just that the big singles like ‘Call On Me’ were released under Eric Prydz.
Tracks like ‘Pjanoo’ and ‘Proper Education’ were actually released on Pryda first but through the massive support they received from the club scene they then crossed over to become Eric Prydz singles.

Speaking of Pjanoo how did that track come about? How do you feel about it being a summer anthem?

Pjanoo is a track I made over 4 years ago and I remember making it very quickly. I had a show the same day in the UK and I took the pre-mastered track there expecting it to go off massively. I knew it was something special but when I played it I didn’t’ get the reaction I expected at all. The club just didn’t get it.
I completely forgot about the track and it was almost 2 years later when I was playing a Boxing Day party in Stockholm with all my friends that I found the CD in my bag and thought I would play it again.
When I played it the club just exploded. Someone filmed it on their cell phone and put it up on You Tube and that’s when people just started going crazy for it. It just shows that releasing music is all about timing, you can have the best track in the world and release it at the beginning of the year to get nothing then release it again at the end of the year and get a number 2 single! After ten years in the industry you start to get used to this!

Can we expect more tracks like this from the album?

Definitely, there’s a lot of tracks that have the potential to be summer anthems, there’s a lot of feel good, melodic tracks on there but again it’s all about timing so we will have to see how people react to it over the year.

What artiste or DJ is one to watch?

DJ wise I’ve always been a big fan of John Digweed and Sasha. I admire any DJ that uses the tracks in their sets as bricks and builds a bigger thing out of it rather than playing one track after another that any DJ can do.
In terms of new talent there is a new guy called Acki Kokotof. He’s Greek but has been living in Sweden and his music is really forward thinking. Every time he plays a track it blows me away. He hasn’t got a record deal yet but there’s a lot of interest in him and he’s definitely one to blow up in 2010.

What would you say is your dance record of the decade?

Hard question, there’s so many good tracks from the past ten years I don’t think I could pick one track!

This year you’ll be hosting your own arena at Creamfields, which we’re all really excited about, what can we expect from your arena and your set?

Mayhem! I will be bringing my A-game as well as my favourite DJs and I think its just going to be really really messy!

How do you feel about having your own arena at Creamfields this year?

I haven’t done an arena before but I have an excellent relationship with Cream, I really admire what they do and they admire what I do so the arena is a result of this. I’m really excited about it. We have some big surprises and its going to be such a great weekend.

How would you sum up Creamfields in 1 sentence? Eg. Creamfields is….

One of the definite ‘have to do’ festivals in the UK, its one of the highlights of the year and if you haven’t been before you have to go because its such a great experience, not only for the people visiting the festival but for me as a DJ because there’s so many artists and other DJs that I can’t usually see so it provides me with an opportunity to catch up with other people in the industry. I have about ten or so acts I want to see.

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