Magda mixes Fabric 49

Magda mixes Fabric 49

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Magda mixes Fabric 49

Magda will be the next artist to compile a mix for the Fabric series.
The Polish-born, Detroit-raised artist is the third woman to join the Fabric ranks, following on from previous installments by DJ Heather and Ellen Allien, and will see the DJ showcase her micro-mixing approach that fans have previously been able to sample on her She's A Dancing Machine compilation. The city of Detroit has been key to Magda's musical progression, as that was where she first met and befriended Richie Hawtin and Run Stop Restore partner Marc Houle during the late '90s.
Fast forward ten years and she's now one of the cornerstones of the Minus roster, jetting around the world almost every weekend with her Traktor Scratch set-up while she readies tracks for her forthcoming album at her Berlin homestead. Three of her new compositions will appear on Fabric 49, alongside fresh material from her Minus compadres Marc Houle, Gaiser, Hobo, Heartthrob and Click Box, but the mix isn't just solely dedicated to minimal techno. Idjut Boys, Goblin, Yello and Hercules & Love Affair all get their electronic disco stylings recontextualised into Magda's loopy sound, with Circlesquare's dark electronic pop even getting worked into the mix early on.
"The mix is inspired by Italian horror film soundtracks from the '70s," Magda explains. "I included the band Goblin, who made some very interesting dark disco, with trippy and drawn out psychedelic elements. I wanted to create something dark and groovy with a soundtrack feel to it, where sounds emerge and disappear, creating a spooky atmosphere. I chose tracks which were somewhat experimental along with dance tracks I like. I was very happy to be able to use 'Heavy Whispers' by Yello because they are one of the most interesting bands for me. They had the ability to combine very different sounds and make some of my favorite new wave/electro/disco tracks ever. I also used a lot of unreleased tracks from producers whom I've met online and received demos from. It's nice to be able to support younger artists and their sound when I can."


01. Goblin – Al Margini Della Follia / Bostro Pesopeo – Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix) / Marc Houle – Voices
02. Circlesquare – Non-Revival Alarm / Gaiser – mfnstmp
03. Magda – At The Gate / Artem Folevski – Empörung (Original Mix) / Groupshow – It’s Not Just Country Birds That Are Attracted (To The Blue Glass Bird Bath)
04. Cristian Vogel – Mungo / Magda – Draculan Love Attack
05. Goblin – Buio Omega (Alternate) / Magda – Moroder's Revenge
06. Catorze – Luscofusco / Marc Houle – Deep Sea / Heartthrob – Miss Pig
07. Robert Babicz – Chordy / Madato – The Night's Rumors
08. Click Box – Bad Fish (Magda Edit) / Boosty – Telescope
09. Artem Folevski – Guido / Isomer Transition – San Pellegrino
10. Hobo – 23:59 / Luciano – Saulitude
11. Marc Houle – Profounding / Yello – Heavy Whispers
12. Heartthrob – 101 Loop / Farben – Aufschlag/Abschlag
13. Hobo – Mobius Trip / Rafael Droors – Blue
14. Bruno Pronsato – We Were… / Arsenal – The Coming (Idjut Boys Version 2)
15. Jimmy Edgar – Beat Squared / Jan Jelinek – Tierbeobachtungen (Live Played By Anne Westphalen & Peter Ley)

Fabric will release Fabric 49: Magda on November 16th, 2009.

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