Steve Angello vs Paris Hilton

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Steve Angello vs Paris Hilton

The Miami Winter Music Conference is underway at present, with the cream of the global dance scene descending on the iconic American beachside city for a week of industry schmoozing and partying. Swedish House Mafia don Steve Angello has been in town playing gigs throughout the week, and in the early hours of Friday morning found himself in a rather interesting predicament.

Playing at the venue Fontainebleau, Angello was entertaining an a-list crowd, including millionaire hotel heiress Paris Hilton and her boyfriend reality TV star Doug Reinhardt. Paris wasn’t enjoying Angello’s music, however, explaining on her blog he was giving her a ‘migraine’. She approached the DJ booth to make a request – depending on whose story you believe she’s said to have asked for either Daft Punk and Bob Sinclar, or Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas – not surprisingly Angello didn’t take kindly to her demand. ”[The DJ] was so unbelievably rude and all because I asked to play one good song,” Paris bemoaned after the incident on her blog. “Then out of nowhere his bodyguard (don’t ask me why he has a bodyguard, like he really needs one. Ha) pushed me really hard, that’s when my boyfriend, like my knight in shining armor, stepped in and told the guy to keep his hands off me.”

A scuffle quickly broke out. Angello on his Twitter said: i cant believe i woke up last night to some of the bullsh** on the internet about what happened with Paris Hilton" "for someone who claims to make records…dont come into a booth and ask me to play hip hop and then have your doorman slap me. or at least if you wanna do that…..dont moan about it when we all kicked off. dont be so fucking rude.” "everyone saw what happened…my brother to david guetta and his wife cathy….we all know what happened now her 'version' Get Over YourSelf

“She kept asking the DJ and got quite agitated with Steve about playing hip-hop and it was obviously his event, his music. He wasn’t going to do that,” said Steve’s publicist Matt Learmouth to E! News, explaining the incident from his perspective. “And then she asked one of her security guards to punch Steve, and one of her security punched Steve full-on in the face. Steve responded and ended up having a brawl with the security guard.”

Angello, who is well-known in Europe as a techno artist, was playing dance music as part of the conference, and everyone was there to hear dance music. It would sort of be the same as asking Jay-Z to play ABBA at a hip-hop music conference.

“Steve plays dance music, he just doesn’t play hip hop. He politely refused Hilton’s requests but she got more and more agitated, and it escalated pretty quickly. Out of nowhere one of her security guards smacked Steve in the face,” the Angello camp insists.

“Steve is a quiet guy, but he had to act in self defense and fought back. He started pounding on the guy and it suddenly turned into a full scale fight in the DJ booth,” according to the DJ’s version of events.

From Paris Hilton MySpace:

Clearing a few things up
Just checking in to say hello and clear a few things up. I've been getting a lot of calls and emails regarding these subjects I'm about to discuss. First of all, last night at a club my boyfriend and I were assaulted for no reason at all. The DJ (I don't even know his name cause he sucks so bad) was playing the worst music ever! I like certain techno music, but this was not even danceable and was frankly giving me a migraine. I asked one of my friends who runs the hotel if he could change the music and he said " I'll lead you up to the DJ booth tell him and he'll play whatever you want." So he walked Doug and I over there. I asked the DJ if he could please play Daft Punk or Bob Sinclair and he rudely snapped at me and was like 'I only play this kind of music." I think he was jealous cause Bob Sinclair is a far better DJ then this guy by about a million times. He was so unbelievably rude and all because I asked to play one good song. Then out of nowhere his bodyguard (don't ask me why he has a bodyguard, like he really needs one. Ha) pushed me really hard, that's when my boyfriend, like my knight in shining armor, stepped in and told the guy to keep his hands off of me. Then all hell broke loose, it was like something out of a fight movie, it was so frightening. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Doug was fighting off like 6 guys. But he was of course stronger then them all but one of the idiots punched him in the face and busted open his lip. There was blood all over, I cried I was so upset and scared. It was ridiculous and for such a stupid reason, I cannot believe people behave this way, like ainmals! FYI this is not in my nature to be in club brawls, I;ve never been around anything like that. It was totally unprovoked and thank God Doug was there to rescue me. A man should NEVER put his hands on a woman in that manner.
Another thing I keep getting are emails from you guys, calls from family, flowers from friends congratulating me on my engagement. They said they read some story the other day saying that when Doug and I went to dinner with my parents the other night that he proposed and I declined. This never happend, I dont know where they come up with these stories sometimes. All we did was have a lovely dinner at my mom's favorite restaurant. We had all been together on My BFF Show set all day shooting scenes for this upcoming season. It was histerical and a lot of fun. But I will tell you this, Doug is an amazing guy and I feel very lucky that we found each other. We've been friends the past year now and have became very close. He's my best friend, we are so much alike, we love to travel and we have the most incredible time together no matter where we are. I've never been happier. He truly treats me like his princess and that's how every girl should always be treated, Never forget that ladies. My parents love him too, so I'm really happy about that. I love his parents as well, they are such a lovely family. His mother is stunning, so beautiful, sweet, funny and smart. We all had such an amazing time in Maui together, so I'm glad Doug's getting to know my family as well.
I flew into New York this morning, I'm about to go to the Eye Wear Convention. I'm launching my new sunglass line. I'm so excited! I love wearing sunglasses and now I have my very own line! Loves it! So, I have to run, but hope everyones doing wonderfully and love you all.
Love always Paris xoxo

Paris Hilton vs Steve Angello
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