Dave Dresden Blog News March 2009

Dave Dresden Blog News March 2009
hi there.
it's been a hot second since i blogged about myself but so much is going on and so many rumors are being spread i figured it was time to get out from behind the status updates and actually say a few words.
this past year has been an incredible journey for me. i am not gonna lie…splitting with josh gabriel after the wmc last  year was a huge wall to come out from underneath because i certainly did not have any interest of plans of breaking up the act a year into the making of what could have been the most defining album of our career (the andain project). when he came to me with his idea, i was pretty much floored with it. but in hindsight, i did see it coming. the gabriel & dresden 2006 album was made by two people who saw eye to eye and really were the best of friends. by the time 2007 rolled around, there really wasn't much of a friendship left. as sad as the news was to our fans, it had to happen…for the both of us.
so, instead of lying around my living room listening to stand up comedy all year, i chose to tranform that room into a studio, purchase some synthesziers and a killer monitoring system and have been parked behind the console since a month before the san francisco lovefest making tracks. i have worked on projects this past year with morgan page, mikael johnston and david penner, dave aude, john debo and super 8 and tab. but what i really have been focusing on is my own studio growth and to be able to start, compose, construct, mix and master my own tracks. this was something i was doing long before josh and i stopped working but it has been in overdrive in the past 6 months.
i have been testing these creations (most of them mashups and unauthorized remixes) out of dancefloors all over the world and on the "promotional mixes" that i distribute on this blog and on my facebook homepage each month. i have hidden behind the tracklists of these mixes just so i can get a feel for what people are liking about my "truly solo" work. eventually, i will release a good portion of these tracks to the fans for thier dj sets, etc. these tracks were all made to be like my "gym workout" in the studio. to get used to how everything works and to really hammer out the "sound" that i'm going for. You are front and center in my musical evolution and this for me is a very exciting time.
The biggest headline from my studio work in the past few months is what i have been doing with mikael johnston. we started working last summer on a project with david penner on guitars called "that day" – we worked a good solid two months on that tune and deveolped a great working relationship in the studio. When Lily Allen's people contacted me in November to do a remix of "The Fear" – i instantly knew that if i worked on it with mikael it would come out exactly as i had heard it. After working on that remix and the feedback it was getting from the fans, the label, and the aritst, i decided that mikael johnston is someone i need to be working on music with much more than every so often and thus…dresden & johnston was born.
since we completed the lily allen, we have gone on to complete another remix for nadia ali called "love story" – the entire single will be released in a few weeks and will include our vocal mix and dub. Played it out this past weekend and cro bar and the crowd quite simply ate it up. It really feels good to be back to making the kind of music that touches people in that little extra way. Next up for Mikael and I is a remix on "The Unforgivable" from B.T.'s upcoming new album. The song features the voice of Rob Dickensen from Catherine Wheel, one of my favorte brit pop bands of the 90's. Brian and i have had some similar trials in tribulations in life in the past few years and the combined emoiton of both his original song and how i'm feeling at the present time only bodes well for the outcome of this track.

After a few more remixes, Mikael and I will focus our attention on making some original singles and then perhaps an album. I have been really wanting to stay with remxing for right now because i am really trying to find my sound and its the best way to help find your way in the studio. I know that after a few solid remixes come out and do the rounds, i will be full of ideas for original songs that will stand the test of time, like a lot of my catalog with josh does.
in parting, i just want you all to know that i couldn't make it in this world without your support. the fact that so many of you reach out to me with your stories of how my work has changed and improved your lives only makes me work harder in the studio each day. I have given up a lot in my life to be able to do this for you, but when i see and hear how my blood, sweat and tears makes you all feel, there is nothing else in the world i need. because i was there, and i know what music does for the soul and all of it only serves as a reminder of how lucky i am.
2009 is gonna kick some fucking ass. let's go!

– dave

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